Marine Polish         

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   ...Using Soap - when washing your boat. No more soap residue in the water or on-board your boat to dull the shine.

Marine Services recommends long term finish protection for your yacht with new nanotechnology based marine polishing compounds from Re-Structure Marine products.

Extend the life of your hull and brightwork while reducing your overall cost of maintenance.

All Re-Structure Marine Products were developed as Non-Solvent, VOC compliant, water-based products. Not a Petroleum Distillate.
All Products Are Environmentally Safe.

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One application of Re-Structure Professional Marine Polish with normal, monthly wipe-downs will allow you to extend your waxing schedule for longer periods of time - and still maintain that deep, lusterous shine. No more swirls. No more "3 day wax jobs." A team of 2 can apply this new molecular based bonding polish to a 53' yacht in about one day.

This boat was polished with Re-Structure Marine Polish 2 years earlier. (Click Here to Order)

Re-Structure Marine Products evolved from our own needs and needs expressed by fiberglass power and sailboat owners who berth their boats in a harsh salt-water environment. Our customers wanted to protect their boats and ultimately their investment beyond traditional methods. We explored the scientific world of Nanotechnology and found RALGŪ. Manufactured by MB International USA CO, all products bond with the surface applied to, at the molecular level.

Working with MB International, we developed a series of products using RALGŪ, specifically for marine use, to restore gel coat to its original luster, seal, and protect the exterior fiberglass gel coat, stainless steel and polished aluminum rails and fixtures for a period up to three years.

  • Professional Marine Polish was developed to provide extended protection and high gloss shine without rewaxing. Professional Marine Polish with its Nanotechnology based formulation, seals the pores and minor scratches with a level, rock hard, glass like finish. Do NOT use a circular machine buffer. "Rub It On Until It Shines" (Click Here to Order)

  • Professional Micro Finishing Compound was developed to be used for removing light oxidation and filling in small scratches and blemishes in fiberglass gel coat because of a slightly different formulation of RALGŪ than Marine Polish. A machine buffing wheel may be used but at a medium speed, maximum 1800rpm. (Click Here to Order)

  • Marine Mirasol, a quick shine product in spray form, was developed for use on interior and exterior boat surfaces. Use on all your interior surfaces, corian, granite, wood tables, varnish, stainless, shower doors, faucets, etc. We recommend using Marine Mirasol on new boats prior to first launch to protect interior surfaces from damage caused by ground in dirt and stains. Maintain that "new boat look" forever. Also a quick protect & shine wipe for all exterior surfaces. (Click Here to Order)

  • Marine Implantor Seal-It, was specifically designed to protect fiberglass, Inflatable boats, canvas, sails, lines, fenders, transoms, swim steps, leather, vinyl, Plexiglas, corian, shore power cords, against the harmful affects of stains, dust, dirt, oil, salt spray and engine exhaust. Excellent for use in engine rooms and bilges. For best results, apply in a thin coat. (Click Here to Order)

We thoroughly test each of our products in a real saltwater environment before recommending them to our customers.

How does Nanotechnology apply to products offered by Re-Structure Marine Products?

The particles in RALGŪ, the substance in the line of products offered by Re-Structure Marine Products are measured in the nano scale or at the molecular level. In the metric system of measurement, "Nano" equals a billionth and therefore a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter.

  • Smaller particles create a smoother surface that reflects light more evenly-giving it a more even, deeper, glossy shine. Also provides more even coverage and durability, filling in pores and scratches leaving a rock hard, glass like finish
  • Provide increased surface contact area, therefore better protection

One nano particle compared to a soccer ball is the same as a soccer ball compared to the earth.

Marine Services of Newport Beach, CA serves the Newport Harbor area with boat repair, yacht maintenance, vessel management services, marine batteries, air purifiers, and marine polish and sealers. We check and maintain your boat with regular, periodic check ups and initiate boat and yacht repair as needed. We include marine engines, marine electrical systems, and exterior deck and hull maintenance for safety and reliability. We ensure that when you find the time to use your boat, it will start easily, run smoothly, carry you and your family safely - and operate in a smooth and reliable manner. We have been servicing boats and yachts in Newport Harbor for over 30 years.