Marine Batteries

Marine Services provides the highest quality battery products - offering our clients a wide selection of products from Discover Energy… the recognized leader in stored energy products. Most applicable to marine applications are the Deep Cycle Series of AGM Batteries.

Features & Benefits
Professional Series Deep cycle AGM Batteries are designed and engineered for dependability in Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and Telecommunication, Photovoltaic, Solar and Renewable Energy, Electronic and Security, and Marine / RV uses.

In Doors - Out Back - Off Shore - On Duty

Discover™ Professional Series Batteries have the Features and Benefits that matter to our customers!

Advanced AGM
Completely sealed valve regulated construction.
Flame arresting pressure regulated safety sealing valves for safety, operating pressure management and protection against atmospheric contamination (excess oxygen being absorbed by negative plates).
Computer-aided 99.994% pure heavy-duty lead calcium grid designs.
Tank formed plates: guarantees evenly formed and capacity matched plates.
Discover™ proprietary UniVision Paste Formula.
Anchored plate groups to guard against vibration.
Double insulating Micro porous glass fiber separators.
Measured and Immobilized electrolyte.
Vacuum filling and weighing processes.
Advanced technology for efficient gas recombination of up to 99.9% and freedom from electrolyte maintenance.
Wide range of operating temperatures (-40°F to 140°F) (-60°F to 160°F Gel).
Low self discharge rates (Approx. 1%-3% monthly at 68.F - 77.F)
High impact reinforced strength copolymer ABS cases and flat top designed covers that are rugged and vibration resistant.
Epoxy adhesion case to cover bonds that eliminate leakage.
Lead alloy terminals and stainless steel hardware.
Removable carry handles.
Classified as "NON-SPILLABLE BATTERY" Not restricted for Air (IATA/ICAO) Provision 67, Surface (DOT-CFR-HMR49)or Water (Classified as non-hazardous per IMDG amendment 27) transportation
Can be used in any orientation - Upside down is not recommended - (do not charge upside down!)
Compatible with sensitive electronic equipment.
Quality Assurance processes with ISO (4400/992579), QS and TUV Certification EMC tested, CE, ETTS Germany (G4M19906-9202-E-16)
UL recognized and approved components (MH29050).
Marine Services ensures that their client's boats start reliably every time by installing the finest in Deep Cycle marine batteries from Discover Energy.

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